Reverb #17: Lesson Learned.

I always snicker just a bit when I hear the phrase “Lesson Learned.” One of my friends used to play in a metal band called Lesson Learned, and boy, are there some stories there.

Moving on, I will say that I learned a lot about myself in 2010, mostly to do with what I’m actually capable of doing. I learned that I can handle most of the big stressers, but the little things set me off. And I mean SET ME OFF, like break-down style.

I’ve learned that when this happens, I tend to take it out on the people closest to me. But in learning this, I’ve also learned to recognize when this happens, and at least apologize profusely. In 2011, I plan on using this info to recognize and prevent blow-ups from being taken out on others.

I’ve also learned that I can produce some pretty amazing results, even when stressed beyond belief, which is a super ego boost. Finishing my masters is certainly my biggest accomplishment to date, and it felt like running a marathon (or at least, what I imagine a marathon would feel like!). So, I plan on applying the mental strength, fortitude, and dedication it took to finish my degrees to be successful in running. I see a “reasons why grad school is like running a marathon post” in my future…

{ my research assistants}

{ kitchen table + living room = thesis central }


Who knew this whole grad school thing, as much as I complained about it, would be such a learning experience? 😉


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