Reverb #16: Friendship.

Friendship has been an enigma for the past couple of years, to be honest, but I must say, I have definitely learned a lot about friendship.

Friendship is being there for a friend, even when they’re hundreds or thousands of miles away.

Friendship is picking right up where you left off after months of not seeing each other.

Friendship is calling someone out of the blue when they needed it the most.

Friendship is recognizing the others faults and being the only person who can really and truly tell them like it is, without threat of hurt feelings (for too long, anyway).

Friendship is also loving someone for those faults, rather than despite of them.

Friendship is based both on shared experience, and creating new memories of each other.

True friendship is more than meeting up for beers, coffee, or dinner. It’s about having real and meaningful conversation.. and also pizza, ice cream, and a romantic comedy.

To me, friendship will always mean these girls…

And hopefully, many more in the years to come!


What does friendship mean to you?


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