Reverb # 13: Action

My 2011 Action Plan:

1. Start my career. Apply, Apply, Apply.

2. Run the Flying Pig Half Marathon in May. Train, Train, Train.

3. Start a gratitude journal. Write in it everyday.

4. Really & truly celebrate momentous occasions. This means parties, and lots of them, since just about everything is a momentous occasion in my book.

5. Join a book club. Read, Read, Read.

6. Run a full marathon in the fall. Train, Train, Train even more.

7. Eat delicious food. Cook, Cook, Cook. Repeat.

8. Expand my horizons. Read, experience, travel, repeat.

9. Get hitched! Plan, Plan, Plan.

10. Write. Write often, and write anything, but just write.

11. Cherish my loved ones as much as possible. Visit, laugh, love. Repeat.



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