Reverb #9: Party!

I love parties. Like, a lot. A LOT, alot.

My senior year in college, we threw a pirate party for my roommate and best friend’s birthday. It was one for the history books.

Um, yeah. Those would be beaker tongs masquerading as a pirate hook and a mighty short skirt. Ahem.

Moving even farther back in time, my 21st was also epic – my first attempt at a “classy” wine party. Wine was abundant. The same can’t necessarily be said for class.

Mmm hmm.

But, I digress, as neither of these occurred in 2010.

A few weeks ago, I went to a barn party and played flip cup for the first time in aaaggggges. While some may say I’m far too old to be playing such things, I freakin’ loved it.

But beyond that, and the delectable munchies and adorable puppies involved, I made some really awesome new friends, and had some great old-school style girl talk. You know, the kind where you all pile on someone’s bed and talk about boys and whatnot?

It. was. glorious.


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