Reverb #2: The Big Picture.

Writing and I are frenemies. I love her so, but sometimes she really pisses me off.

The thing that gets most in the way of my writing isn’t necessarily something I do everyday. Don’t get me wrong, there are certainly many of those too. Reading blogs, looking for a job (any job, please! are you there, future employer?), that disc of Frasier from Netflix, calling me from the tv stand.

Certainly, all these things play a part. But, most of all, the thing that gets in my way when I sit down to write something, anything, is losing my grip on “the big picture.” I dealt with it in my thesis, I dealt with it while writing a short story earlier this year, that I someday hope to turn into a novel and publish, I deal with in my sparse blog posts. Hell, here I go, dealing with it right this very moment.

It’s hard to stay true to the original big picture. But sometimes, straying from that big picture leads you to unknown places, seldom visited pockets of your mind and heart that you forgot were there, and that morph your writing into something else entirely.

This is good – sometimes. So, I suppose, what really stands in my way is not losing sight of the big picture, but realizing when my side trips are good and beautiful and raw, or when they’re a manifestation of me getting in my own damn way again.

This one’s for you, writing, my own mortal frenemy. Here’s to a long and happy friendship. And occasional enemy-ship – I’ll be ready for you next time.


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