Reverb #1: Transition & Exploration.

2010 was a year of transition.

It began in Vancouver, with the man who would become my fiance 8 months later. Our first trip together, and it was a whirlwind of fun, love, and laughter.

But the most significant events of 2010 were getting engaged and finishing graduate school. The end of 2010 marks the end of two journeys: life as a single lady, and life as a grad student. But more importantly, the end of 2010 marks the beginning of two new and exciting journeys: marriage and moving forward into a career. While closing the chapter of these 2 parts of my life is bittersweet, I don’t consider the changes to be bigger or better, but just the next of many adventures.

A year from now, I would like to look back and think of 2011 as a year of exploration.

There are so many things that excite me about 2011. Exploring life after grad school, rediscovering who I am and who I want to be after a very intense and stressful two and a half years. Exploring marriage with Ian, navigating the challenge of being one together and still being our own individual selves, and all that has in store for us as a new family. Exploring how both my marriage and my best friend’s marriage give us a new kind of friendship to explore. Exploring how my own family is changing and shifting, and even though it will be really hard, learning to accept that as okay. Exploring what my body can do, how far I can push myself, and how grateful I am for the ability to explore these things. Exploring a new city, wherever that ends up being. Exploring what it means to be an aunt. Exploring my creativity. There are so many things to explore.

2011 is for exploring me, exploring us – exploring life.


One thought on “Reverb #1: Transition & Exploration.

  1. Hello follow reverber!

    I’m super excited to find out how this upcoming year will turn out for you. Best of luck and congrats on the engagement!


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